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Exotic Car Company Histories


Some exotic car makers have been around since the dawn of the automotive age (Rolls-Royce, I'm looking at you), while others are new to the game (say hello to Fisker). Still others took a decades-long break before being resurrected (Spyker and Bugatti for two). Find out how the most exotic car companies in the world got their starts.
  1. Italian Carmakers
  2. British Carmakers
  3. German Carmakers
  4. And the Rest

Italian Carmakers

Ferruccio Lamborghini at the Lamborghini Factory

Some of the fastest, sexiest cars in the world have come from Italy. The fiery passions of the company founders fueled rivalries that produced supercars known all over the world.

British Carmakers

Charles Rolls

From stately saloons to daring dropheads, British cars have been making history for a century in some cases.

German Carmakers

Wilhelm Maybach

German exotic car builders work to perfect design and engineering while at the same time offering the latest in technology in creature comforts.

And the Rest

Ettore Bugatti

Not every exotic car maker hails from the same old countries. I mean, the fastest production car on the planet is built in northern France, near the German border. And green technology innovations are being engineered into exotics in the good old U.S. of A. -- by a former Aston Martin designer originally from Denmark.

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