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Exotic Cars by Model Year

Exotic cars don't always fit neatly into a model year like mass-produced cars do, but they have to hit the market sometime. Find out when your new faves will be on the streets.

2009 Detroit Auto Show Day Three
Batting cleanup: These are images of interiors and angles from the 2009 Detroit Auto Show that I couldn't get while it was crowded.

2009 Detroit Auto Show Day Two
More images of exotic cars from the 2009 Detroit auto show.

2009 Detroit Auto Show Day One
Images from the first day of press conferences and more at the 2009 North American International Auto Show.

New for 2009
The latest models and upgrades in exotic and luxury cars for 2009 models

Tom duPont on the Rise of Alternative-Fuel Exotics
Tom duPont, publisher of the duPont registry, says that horsepower is on its way out and alternative fuels are here to stay, even in exotic and luxury cars.

What's New for 2009
What's new for 2009 in exotic cars? Alternative fuels, double clutches, designer partnerships, and more. From Alfa Romeo to Spyker, this is a rundown of everything new in 2009.

2012 Exotic Cars
Gaze into my crystal ball and see the future: the hottest 2012 exotic cars. Some of these will hit the streets as early as fall 2011, while others won't make it off the assembly line until well into the 2012 model year. But in any case, these are the real-deal dream cars that will see production, no matter how limited that production may be.

2013 Exotic Cars
The latest exotic cars for model year 2013.

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