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Events for Exotic Cars

Where to take -- or watch -- exotic cars, both in static displays and driving events.

2009 Going to the Sun Rally
Pictures from the 2009 Going to the Sun Rally in Montana

2009 New England Ferrari Club Concorso
Pictures from the annual 2009 New England Ferrari Club Concorso

Is It Worth It to Rent an Exotic Car?
Exotic car rentals aren't cheap, but they are far less expensive than buying an exotic car. Is renting an exotic car or luxury car worth it?

Exotic Car Rentals
Whether you want to drive a Ferrari while in L.A. with the beautiful people or try a handful of exotics in a day, there's an exotic rental company that can fulfill your wish -- for a price.

Top Marques Monaco
Top Marques Monaco is an exhibit and sale of the most exclusive exotic and sports cars in the world, at the invitation of Monaco royalty.

Owners Can Take the Ferrari Challenge
The Ferrari Challenge series is a chance for owners of new and vintage Ferraris alike to race against the clock and each other.

Palm Beach Cavallino Classic XVIII
A celebration of Ferrari history in Palm Beach, Florida.

Challenge Rally Cinque 2009
Exotic and vintage cars rally through five New England states for three days in June 2009.

Rally SoCal 2009
Vintage and sports cars will rally through southern California for three days, with a winner declared at the finish line.

Sunriver Festival of Cars
Supercar event for owners of exotic autos in Sunriver, Oregon.

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance
While the cream of the vintage crop take the greens for the prestigious competition, the latest models and concepts, such as the Lamborghini Reventon, are on display nearby.

The Detroit Auto Show
Officially known as the North American International Auto Show, but called the Detroit auto show by everyone else, this is where the latest exotic production vehicles and hot-off-the-CAD concepts take their first American bows.

Northeast Exotic Car Show
Exotic car owners can meet, admire, and gently kick each other's tires in Merrimack, New Hampshire each summer.

Concorso Italiano
Italian cars, motorcycles, and scooters of all types and vintages are welcome at this annual celebration of motoring design and history. Head-to-toe Ferrari red is welcome here.

Run to the Sun 2010
I drove 23 sports cars in two days, with nary a ticket to my name. Here are the highlights, including the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Lotus Evora.

2010 L.A. Auto Show
Images from the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show

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