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In the Laptops of Luxury

Where the Exotic Design Meets Processing Power


In the Laptops of Luxury

Image courtesy of ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

Almost since the dawn of the automotive age, car manufacturers have partnered with purveyors of fine leather goods to create fitted luggage sets that snuggled into the trunk of one particular car like pieces in a Tetris puzzle. But this is the 21st century -- luggage is nice, but a laptop is a necessity. And for certain car owners, their hard drives need not clash with the hardwood interiors of their cars.

A few car companies have licensed their logos and cachet to laptop companies, who create high-powered portable computers to match the owner’s car -- or the car of his dreams. Here are a few of the models on the market today.

Ego for Bentley

Ego Lifestyle makes rounded laptops with built-in handles in a seemingly limitless variety of colors and prints -- flames, faux animal skin, diamond encrusted, and more. Why not, then, offer its signature portable computer in ten colors to coordinate with your Bentley’s interior?

The lacquered inside of the laptop that surrounds screen and keyboard matches Bentley’s available exterior colors, while the computer’s case is covered in Bentley leather with hand-stitching. The center of the case features a discreet Bentley logo.

  • Microsoft Vista Ultimate
  • 64-bit processor
  • 160 Gb hard drive
  • $19,800

Asus for Lamborghini

Since 2006, mobile computer manufacturer Asus has teamed with Lamborghini to built a pair of laptops, one black, one bright yellow. The slick surface of the hard, exterior case is interrupted only by the small logo and a thin, matte black stripe.

It’s a small notebook, with a 12-inch screen and a weight of only 3.6 pounds. The built-in camera is protected by a sapphire crystal surface, the hinge is made of titanium alloy, and the wrist pad is leather. Your secrets are kept safe from prying eyes by a fingerprint scanner in the track pad.

  • Intel Core2 Duo processor
  • 320 Gb hard drive
  • 4 Gb RAM
  • $3,300

Acer for Ferrari

The sleek black case of Acer’s notebook for Ferrari contains quite a bit of processing power, plus two little, yellow Prancing Horse logos -- one in the center of the case, and one in the bottom right corner near the track pad. It looks perfect for taking to the track and recording lap times.

At just over four pounds, this is a lightweight laptop, and it has ports galore for memory sticks and cameras. It, too has a fingerprint reader for security, plus BlueTooth capabilities and a web cam.

  • Windows Vista Ultimate
  • 64-bit AMD processor
  • 250 Gb hard drive
  • 4 Gb RAM
  • $3,033
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