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Lamborghini Aventador


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Lamborghini Aventador J
Lamborghini Aventador J in Geneva

Lamborghini Aventador J in Geneva


Lamborghini has never backed off extravagance, neither in its cars' designs, engines, nor the language used to describe them. It calls the Aventador J, the roadster version of the coupe, "radically open." This seems a bit overblown until you realize that not only is the roof completely missing -- so is the windshield. Looks like somebody just justified that vintage leather helmet and goggle purchase.

Not too may people will get to experience bugs in their teeth at 200+ mph, though, since this is a one-of-one car, like the iconic Jota its name refers to. The name also comes from "Appendix J" in the FIA rule book, where tech specs for race cars are listed.

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