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Lady Gaga Will Be So Disappointed: Paparazzi-Proof Glass

By December 10, 2009

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You know how it is -- you just want to go get some groceries, or grab a cup of shade-grown, fair-trade coffee, or roll up to the club in your Gallardo accompanied by someone other than your significant other, and the paparazzi are all up in your grille, flashbulbs poppin'. I cannot count the number of times this has happened to me, and I know it's happened to you, too.

Well, are we in luck. Research Frontiers has developed SPD Smart Glass for automotive use. The glass can be tinted as dark as you like -- even to opaque -- at the push of a button, for running paparazzi-proof errands.

But what if you're a starlet on the way up and you need to be seen rollin' down Rodeo in your Rolls? No problem. The glass goes both ways, and that same button can lighten the windows to clear for supermarket-checkout-line-worthy shots of you in your oversized sunglasses pretending to hate the cameras.

I don't think anything can keep Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" out of the car, though. That song can permeate six inches of steel.

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